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Pakistan's Energy Life Line

China had also expressed its desire to work on the remaining portion of the 80km pipeline from Gwadar to connect it with the Iranian border. At a time when world is heading for an energy crisis, alliances for acquisition of energy or its opposition is natural. The Iran–Pakistan gas pipeline, also known as the Peace pipeline, or IP Gas, is also once such project. At present, it aims to deliver natural gas from Iran to Pakistan. Its length is estimated 2,775-kilometre (1,724 mi) Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is a much delayed project between the two countries. The pipeline has already been completed on the Iranian side while the delay is from Pakistani side. Iran's total investment on the said pipeline is of above $2 billion. Through the project, Iran has plans to deliver 21.5 mcm/d of gas to Pakistan. In September 2016 Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held a meeting with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the USA and discussed further promotion of economic co-operation between the two countries. The progress on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline and electricity import from Iran and bilateral trade relations were also on the agenda. On the other hand, Iranian president showed interest in CPEC.