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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

t a time when economic revolutions are taking place in its surroundings, Pakistan is littered with numerous problems including energy deficiency. The country is fast becoming an energy-starved country from an energy-deficient country owing to reasons more than one. It is evident that energy in its all forms is directly linked to economic prosperity of the county. Unfortunately, we are heavily dependent upon an item for consumption (none other but fossil fuel) that is not produced at home to meet our requirements. At present, the oil prices have plunged to record low. Government has reason to heave a sigh of relief. But it should not be careless in its efforts for self sufficiency. Prior to low price phenomenon, the implications of peak oil theory were evident upon the major economies of the world, and there was no exception for Pakistan. Still the world is in quest of the alternate sources of energy so should be Pakistan. First of all we need to know that there is no 100% alternative to fossil fuel in the world. Fossil fuel combines oil, natural gas and coal. When we look over the energy mix of the world, we find dominating role of a combination of oil, gas, coal and a fraction of alternative sources. However, the share of alternative sources is rising with the passage of time due to an increase of pollution in the global milieu. Pakistan's environmental scenario is no different from the world. The country is also in need to opt for a sustainable source of energy sooner than later. Before proceeding ahead, it would be instructive to survey the world and well as Pakistan’s energy mix.