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On 11 July, Pakistan celebrated World Population Day along with the rest of the world with a distinction. With a population exceeding 220.9 million, Pakistan is now the world’s fifth-most populous country but it is the 33rd-largest country by area, spanning 881,913 square kilometers. The other indicators including health, education and new born babies and mother mortality rates are alarming. But who cares. We are busy in planning for everything instead to control our population growth which accelerating with an annual fertility rate of 3.6 children per couple. We have turned a deaf ear to reports concerning population explosion and its serious consequences in our world with a population of 7.8 billion inhabitants according to the 2020 World Population Data Sheet — released by the US Population Reference Bureau, Washington. Referring to the Covid-19 crisis, the report warns that “population density in urban areas, household size, and population aging contribute to our vulnerability to pandemics”.