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While addressing a ceremony at Malakand University in March 2021 to celebrate the inauguration of a new academic block and examination centre there, the Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan had to fully participate in the upcoming technological revolution in the world and emphasized the importance of technology and technical education. There is no iota of doubt that the current pace of global technological advancement is extraordinary but Pakistan is far behind in this domain. Time is ripe to fully participate in tech. The country revolution has committed a great mistake in not paying emphasis on technology, technical and higher education. Last month, President Dr Arif Alvi during an interview that abrilliant future lies ahead for Pakistan if it timely jumps on the ‘technological bandwagon’, which is expected to ensure an exponential progress by 30 times Pakistan’s proactive approach to prepare itself for a technology-focused industrial revolution would strengthen its economy. There is no limit to Pakistan’s economic growth after it gets a stronghold in domains of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and computer sciences. Globally, the best example of technological revolutions we see in case of Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the scientific-technical revolution about 1950–1960, the Neolithic revolution, the Digital Revolution and so on. These are the first three industrial revolutions that transformed our modern society. With each of these three advancements—the steam engine, the age of science and mass production, and the rise of digital technology—the world around us fundamentally changed. History lets us know that we remained aloof from any kind of Sci and tech revolution taking place in west.