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During the preceding year, Pakistan has been entangled with problems one after another be it social, political, economic or else. These problems have left the country not only redundant on different fronts, but also created an enormous black hole which is engulfing different segments of society and country one by one. At this point of juncture, we need to be honest with ourselves and realizes that, today, hopelessness has penetrated deep in the hearts of the people who are struggling for their survival on a daily basis. The political polarization has augmented the uncertainty and instability looming large everywhere. Health and education sectors have become mere profitable businesses instead of having an aim to provide best services to the nation. Our economic outlook has gone from bad to worse and it is still worsening day by day, hour by hour. Cost of doing business in Pakistan is unbearable for the people concerned with business, trade or the like. It has completely eroded investor confidence and strangulated the middle and lower income strata. The inflation has risen to more than 27% in Aug 2022. Even the IMF bailout package has done little to restore confidence back in Pakistan’s financial system. The extraordinary humanitarian disaster has really added much to economic problems. The recent torrential rain and floods have cost Pakistan not less than 30 billion US dollar. It has multiplied the common man’s problem across the country. The question arises: Is there any way out from this quagmire in the days to come? Let’s search for the answer in detail.