Science for peace not war

Compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age, Arabian Classic book ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ also known as ‘Arabian Nights’ is a collection of stories and folk tales mentions a sesame (Khul Ja Sim Sim) to open the gate of treasure. That’s the reason; the name of the first particle accelerator in Middle East was given Sesame. Surprisingly, the Middle Eastern countries, engaged in rivalry, are united under the umbrella of Sesame. The member countries include, Jordan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel and Pakistan, I think science has been used for peace not war for the first time in the Middle East. Now the people of our planet can hope a better tomorrow in the days to come.  In this space, I have been emphasizing upon the use of science to steer clear of darkness from Pakistan. We must reset our priority list to bring change in our country beset with numerous problems since its inception. No doubt science is a sesame for Pakistan to step up the ladder of success. The importance of Sesame can be judged with the single fact that Sesame could bring world-class modern physics to a region of the world lacking modern facilities of science as well as research money. Pakistan has also joined Sesame as member and will benefit from the developments made there. But it does not suffice since we need to go far from the present state of learning. I think the cover story will add much to the knowledge of the readers. The selection of other stories have also been made after thorough study. I thank all the readers who contact me through emails and appreciate our efforts. I request all of them to remain in touch with us for the betterment of our magazine.