When we see Pakistans huge media coverage of political, social and cultural events, it is regrettable to note that very limited material is found on technology that is at all cost needed to fiat the progress of our country. Apprehending the need to fulfill this technological gap we decided to bring out monthly technology based magazine TECHNO BIZ.

In every walk of life, the world is changing faster than we think. Even the smaller nations are developing at any amazing pace. No doubt, information technology has accelerated this cycle, only those nations develop who know what is happening around them.

TECHNO BIZ will keep you informed and updated with the latest developments taking place in Technology and Business in our part of the world in general.

TECHNO BIZ is an elegant and beautiful 84 pages magazine whose outlook, art paper and offset printing qualities will impress you. And of course, the reading material is quite intetesting than the others in the market. You will not only find it different but at par with any foreign magazine and appreciate it. We have made sure that TECHNO BIZ is go widely circulated in Pakistan and in neighboring countries. It would equally be worth reading and worth advertising as your message will be widely circulated.