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The Moff Band

This motion sensing, and wearable toy for kids re-release with its Pac-Man update. The slap-on band is light weight and brightly colored. It connects with Bluetooth and functions as a controller. This means that kids who have the Pac-Man classic arcade game application on the iPad can simply swing their arm around to move Pac-Man to and fro. But that is not the only game where this band comes in handy. Other ninja based games, laser based games, and guitar based games using the Android and iOS Moff Band application can use kids’ gestures to play the game in a more hands-on approach. This takes a great deal of imagination to use and perfect for any kids between three and twelve with a thirst for knowledge. Using Bluetooth, the Moff Band connects to a free Android or iOS app on your smart device. Then the magic happens as an array of realistic sounds will play when kids move their arms. The immediate response kids get with sounds that they have created with each movement excites them to keep playing and stay active. This band can be used on Apple iOS products and Android products.